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IP/DNS on kubuntu

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    Some suggestions ot solve my problem include set the network to " Obtain IP/DNS adress automatically ". I've seen that in other operational systems this setting is pretty easy to find, but I can't find a way to do it on kubuntu. Can someone tell me how its done. Thanks.
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    You need to set the interface to use DHCP. This is the default setting as far as I know.

    To set an interface to use DHCP, you'll need to modify your /etc/network/interfaces
    (I am assuming that eth0 is the interface that you are using. If not, you will need to change that to whatever interface you're on)

    first make a copy of the file, in case we break something else

    then add the following code
    Code (Text):
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    then restart the network manager so that it uses the new settings with the following command
    Code (Text):
    service network-manager restart
    EDIT: Given your other post, I would also suggest that you check with the Univeristy's IT department first. There may be a specific reason why you're not able to connect to your network. They will likely be able to tell you why. Once you have that, it is a lot easier to solve.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Didn't have time to check with the IT department and as sometimes they recquire you to leave your computer there for some time with them and I am currently in need of using it I am postponing it and trying some suggestions to solve this, and using other connections when I need.
    By the way, I have already tried what you suggested and when I set "eth0" (the way you recommended), I cannot connect to any wired connection. Same way, when I set "wlan0" (which I think is my wireless interface) my computer doesn't detect any wireless connection. Do you know a reason why this is happening? I find it strange because many people suggest it as if it were usual/default.
    Thanks again.
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    I'd start off by trying to narrow down if the problem was hardware or a software configuration. Download a Ubuntu live CD from another system and try booting your computer from that. If you are able to use the NIC to connect to a network, then we know the problem is some configuration (works on LiveCD but not when you boot from the HDD). If it still doesn't work, then we may possibly be looking at a hardware issue.

    I'd also post on the kubuntu support forums.
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    Since you have the KDE desktop, you should find Network Manager in "System Settings" and it is quite intuitive to set. If by chance your version didn't include Network Manager, you can use Synaptic or your Software Manager to download and add it. On most distros "System Settings" is on the Favorites (first page) of the Kicker Menu. If not for you, look in "Settings" or "System". Sorry for so many "ifs" but there are so many possibilities depending on how you setup KDE to suit you.

    Just for the record, in Unix Land (still in use in BSD and some Linux distros) most configuration scripts are routinely in "/etc/rc.d". Unfortunately many have dispensed with the easy text way in the interest of "convenience". You can check to see if yours still has such scripts but the GUI in KDE works well too.
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