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IP phones

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    I would like to use IPvoice service to call my parents...
    Anyone here know how this works out exactly ?
    Thank you,
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    A friend using satellite technology for Internet service recently (early in 2004) purchased a special phone to use with his system for making international calls. It’s actually a service more than a product because it involves a fee per/min of use (he uses a credit card to purchase additional time). It has proven itself beneficial as visitors/tourists can place calls less expensively through his system than the local service even while my friend turns a small profit. I do not recall the name of the service, unfortunately.

    I did google to find this page claiming a free PC-to-telephone service was being offered by a certain company (for US to US calls);

    http://www.infinisource.com/features/free-phonecalls.html [Broken]

    But in checking the source indicated there seems to be a charge;

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    Featured in Fortune Magazine, the creators of KaZaA have landline phone companies scared they may take over telecom with "computer to computer" VOIP whose quality is as good as a landline and as easy to use as an IM client.

    Is it so bad to talk from the computer? Sound cards, microphones and speakers/headphones would run you $30 if you got the cheapies ... and sound quality would certainly meet or exceed that of your landline phone.

    Just a thought.

    I used to use DialPad.com back in 99 when I first met my wife. It was free, buggy, and didn't sound real great all the time, but you could call landlines. Now I have Vonage VOIP service. $30/mo flat rate, no extra charge for any domestic call as well as canada. Cheap international rates too. Excellent service - www.vonage.com

    Oh, and, nice forum you guys have here. :approve:
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    I use vonage also, it rocks. Unlimited long distance, flat rate, pretty good service.

    The only problem I have with it is every now and again it goes offline, requires me to unplug the phone to modem thingy and then it works again.
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    Is there a free service, or do you have to pay for all of them now.
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