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IPhO 2007

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    i come from germany and i am going to participate international physics olympics 2007. however there are 4 rounds to choose the best 5 representatives for the country.

    i am interested in the system of eligibility of your countries!

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    I always had this question about people that participate in science olympiad. Perhaps you can enlighten me. How do people( like yourself ) learn the sciences required for these science competitions. It is not like they teach it at school?? how do you do it? where do you go to even learn those **** ??....
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    I have no idea, having never been involved. But CONGRATULATIONS on your entry. You're the kind of folks that we like to see here. If you're qualified for the contest, you're certainly qualified to help others with lesser education.
    And since your post count reads '0', you must be a newcomer (GD posts aren't counted). Welcome to PF!
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    Selection process in India

    There's a similar process in the US, with one less level of selection. About 1500 students nominated by their schools take a national exam. The top 24 are selected for a 1 week "boot camp", at the end of which, the 6 (5+1 spare) best are selected for the IPhO.

    PS : Congrats, CCl4 !!
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    well, china always beat the ass of every science olympaid out there
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    So, ccl4, you've already been selected for the 2007 IPhO? Seems a bit early... Anyway, its supposed to be held in Iran, so I don't know how many countries will actually send teams for fear of, uh, becoming hostages. :rolleyes:
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    Not exactly true. Taiwan did better last year. And the top scorer was Hungarian.
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    final national selection is on May 2007, however i am ready solving the first-round problems. and i am goning to send the solutions at the begin of september.
    i hope that i will be qualified to participate the 2. national round. :wink:

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    taiwan is however offically a administrative part of the people's republic of China. taiwan is not overruled by the UNO.

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    at first you have to tell me in which country you are situated, before i can give you any information about IPhO.

    the abilities and knowledge you need to solve the IPhO problems can normally not only be achieved at school (except eliteschools :wink: ), hence you have to do much more by your own....

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    Congrats to the OP on an excellent accomplishment. I can tell you the system in my country (Singapore) since I was involved in it around 15 years back.

    The pool of students to be selected from comprises those in Junior College (aged 16-18) who are preparing for their GCE Advanced Level exams. The best Physics students sit for a paper administered by their own schools. In my school, the paper comprised Special Paper questions selected for unusual difficulty. The Special Paper, BTW, is an additional distinction paper that is taken by the best GCE students who hope to win scholarships. The questions are fairly tough with heavy emphasis on applied calculus, but they are not Olympiad standard. The selection paper for the Olympiad uses the toughest S-paper questions for the initial round.

    Following this, the top scorers are chosen to be part of the National Olympiad team. At this point, no formal training is given. The National Olympaid comprises a theory and a practical examination, you have to pass the theory before being allowed to take the practical. These examinations are of International Olympiad standard.

    After the National Olympiad, there is a prize award ceremony and a selection of the top scorers for the International delegation hopefuls. Then the training begins with intensive sessions with University lecturers to whip the team into shape.

    There is a final selection examination with tough Olympiad level questions before the final international team is chosen. They fly off to wherever, participate and have fun. :smile:

    I went through the process and was selected for and participated in the National Physics Olympiad 1991. Unfortunately, I got a nasty virus and a high fever on the day of the examination and didn't do well, failing to qualify for the international team. :frown: Still, it was a fun experience, just wish that I could've been in good health for the exam (after I recovered, I found the questions doable).
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    guys relax....if you ever want to know about the international astronmy olympiad for juniors...ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    india is the best at it and my gruop came upto the semi finals.....dang usa won at the last....but dose guys were older...
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    I'm from Brunei, and we don't yet have a national olympiad for physics. This year I was very lucky to be selected to be part of the first Brunei team to the IPhO in Singapore. Each school from our little nation was asked to nominate two of their best physics students, and we all took a theoretical test and an experimental test.

    In Brunei, very little physics is done outside the classroom, so the Olympiad truly was an eye-opening experience to the lucky five that eventually made the team. However, we did not have enough training in the theoretical part of the competition and no training in the experimental part of the competition at all, as we had no access to a lab. I feel this is a pity as I heard from many participants during the olympiad that they had extensive training in their respective countries before attending the IPhO.
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    Long time, recon. Congrats on the IPhO! Hope you had a learning experrience!
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    Thank you, Gokul. I have to say that my early participation and interaction with members of PF inspired me to study Physics to a greater depth than what was required at school. :biggrin:

    Studying beyond what is required by the school curriculum is virtually unheard of in my country, so I received little support in my attempt to study more Physics. Unlike the IPhO teams from other countries, we had access to neither university professors nor veteran IPhO trainers.

    Our participation in the IPhO was confirmed only two months before the competition, so I had a very short time to go through the curriculum for the Olympiad, which was mostly first-year university stuff. There was the added disadvantage that we still had to attend regular schooling as our long holidays here are in December, and not during the summer months. Having said that, I am happy to have won a small award at the competition. However, my experience in the Olympiad has made it all the more clear to me that I still know very little Physics, and I now aim to improve my understanding of it.
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    well now i am in the 2. round of national selection in germany as well as in chemistry :wink: . the new tasks are really impressive, i do not have much time to relax during the vocation. well i hope that i could belong to the best 50 in the whole country, so that i can participate the one-week seminar in berlin in february.
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    Congrats carbon tetrachloride! Best of luck for the next rounds.
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    I have cleared the Stage one of Indian national physics olympiad which selects around 200 students all over country. I have no idea how stage 2 paper is ....can I get any :surprised help!!!!!! how and what should I prepare?? what type of questions are asked???
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    Competitions... pah!
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    Actually the Greek system sucks!:mad: There is only one round so during the 3 hours you’ve been given, u have to solve about a dozen stupid exercises (actually playing with the maths) and a quit interesting theoretical experiment. There is no mechanism preparing those who are interested (and can understand physics) and only those who are in the last year of high school are allowed to participate. It seems that the greek physics society is not interested at all!!
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