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IPhOlympiad books

Main Question or Discussion Point

Did anyone study for the IPhO? What books did you guys use? Thanks!

Answers and Replies

My friend who went to IPhO said he used Irodov, 'general problems in Physics'.
^is that a book of problems? or do they actually teach the syllabus of the olympiad?
It is a book of problems, i recommend it too :)
do previous 10-12 year problems....very helpful..
IPhO 2008

Will you go to IPhO 2008? If yes, yim me, my yahoo id is : victorbuza
I am a member of the Moldovan team for this year's olympiad.
I am not going. I didn't study for my country's exams and haha.. good luck!
what is the haha for ? :)
Thanks for wishing good luck
Hey guys! I need help! I got selected by my school as im top 6 for the Physics exams. And i got such late notice.. i only have less than 2 weeks to study for it! Can anyone help me? :(