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In summary, the iPhone 5S is a very nice phone. The battery life is great, and it is easy to use. The only downside is that it is not as stylish as some of the other phones on the market.f

What's your Apple future

  • I own an iPhone but plan to drop Apple

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  • I own an iPhone, I have/will buy a 5s or 5c

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • I own an iPhone, I will buy an iPhone 6 next year

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • I own/owned an iPhone but will never buy an Apple again

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  • I've never owned an iPhone before, I have/will buy a 5s or 5c

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  • I've never owned an iPhone before, I will buy an iPhone 6 next year

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • I've never owned an iPhone before and never will

    Votes: 5 50.0%

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I've never had an iPhone but I'm not too fonda my Samsung so I will probably go for the iPhone 6 next year. Might even get a 5c in the meantime. I also own Apple stock so I am wondering about things.

I am expecting some nice things from Apple in the next year or two from an investors point of view. Like maybe a larger screen, OLED, curved screen, wrap around screen, iWatch or iTV. I don't buy into this crud that equates Jobs death with Apple's. He wouldn't be much of a CEO if he didn't leave a pipeline for many years ahead. Also the culture of innovation he created at Apple didn't die with him either. People act like everyone at Apple died the same day Jobs did.
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Is there a question in there somewhere or did you just need to get that off your chest?

EDIT: ah ... I see you have now added the poll.
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Amazing, 170 some views and 2 votes. I thought smart phones had more penetration into the market than that.
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I've never had an apple device and I do not expect I ever will. I have had a philosophical difference with them for as long as I can remember. They lockdown all their devices and prevent you from doing whatever you want with your device, while I want openness, full control and the ability to rip my device apart easily and simply.

As a result, all my computing devices are either Linux or Android with the exception of my gaming system (Windows) I'm a big fan of open source and as soon as SteamOS comes out (or whatever else) and I can play my computer games without having to deal with Wine, windows will swiftly get the boot that it deserves as well.
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... I thought smart phones had more penetration into the market than that.

Probably what we have on this forum is smart people, not smart phones.
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I had just dumped my Galaxy S II (I've had it since it first came out) and got the iPhone 5S (gold!).

There is an issue with quality control with the Android OS:

1. There seems to be an update for the apps that I have almost every day! I've often seen the same app needing an update 2 days in a row! What's with all that?

2. Android is the "Windows" of the mobile OS world. Now, there may be nothing wrong with that (I use Windows machine at home and at work, even though I also have Macs at home), but it is an OS that operates on so many different mobile hardware. Because of that, the marriage between OS and hardware often doesn't quite work all the time, just like Windows.

3. An example of #2 is in the OS upgrade. My Samsung Galaxy SII originally came with Android 2.6. I then received notice, a few months later, of upgrade to ICS (3.0). The phone has never been the same ever since. It CRAWLS and became annoyingly slow (sound familiar? It should if you've every upgraded your PC with a newer Windows version). Not only that, everytime you reboot the phone, a few of app icons disappear from my screen! I had to keep going to the Apps menu and manually insert them back onto my main screen!

4. The passing-the-buck effect. So your phone runs on Android, you bought a Samsung, and your mobile service comes from, say Verizon. Who do you call when you have a problem? Try the problem I had above, where my phone just crawls and some of my apps went AWOL upon rebooting. If the same thing happens with an Apple device, a trip to an Apple Store takes care of it, no matter where you got it from.

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I refuse to own a cell phone. Personal choice I guess.
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Bought iPhone 4S two years ago and buy a new one next year. It is really nice especially switch from Android OS.
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I have an iPhone (3G? 3S) and have no plans to upgrade. That doesn't seem to be an option. Would never move away from Apple, it works perfectly well. OS upgrades have always been fine, though I believe the latest one had problems though I don't know the details. Hopefully it's a one off issue.
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I still am happy with the 4S, but I have a "free" upgrade so when the 6 comes out I'll likely upgrade to it or the 5S.
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I have an Iphone 5s. It is one sexy phone for sure :). I don't much like the concept designs I've seen for the Iphone 6 so far though.
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My wife has an iPhone 4S, iPad Mini and an iMac 21". She got the iPad Mini first and chose it over the rest of the competition because she appreciated its look and feel and the particular capabilities of some of the built-in applications. She was very happy with the set up ... until iOS 7. To her, the new look is simply garish and crude (as opposed to simple), the colour choices for some of the apps beggar belief, they are often much harder to see clearly, and 'obvious' functionality has disappeared in several instances. If she hadn't got so much investment in her work, she would have cheerfully (actually, angrily) binned the lot and switched back to Android (or even gone to Windows 8).
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Occasionally I get into a state of envy about some app that is available on iPhone and not Android--but most things quickly get published for both. I went with Android because I resented the lack of a Back button on Apple. Such a little thing, but sometimes it really really helps.

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