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IPod/iPad/iPants compatible charger?

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    "iPod/iPad/iPants compatible" charger??

    I was browsing the interwebs for some chargers for the various awesomes that happen around my house and I noticed something. I keep seeing wall chargers that are "iPad compatible" and there's all sorts of mention of compatibility. The thing is... what the heck is the difference between an "iPad compatible" (or really, any specific smart electronic thingy) wall charger and a not so compatible one? I mean, I thought all a wall charger does is provide 5V for charging! Now, I heard that some devices will refuse to charge if it detects the charger can't provide a certain amperage, but I'm noticing talk of compatibility nonsense on chargers of every amp rating.

    What's the problem with a nice generic 2A wall charger? What's this compatibility nonsense? Should this be in the EE forum so that no one can answer it?

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    Re: "iPod/iPad/iPants compatible" charger??

    Amperage can be a problem for sure - my Raspberry Pi won't start if not attached to a decent charger. From what I know Apple chargers are mostly OK, but they do have some unexpected characteristics (http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals#Power_adapters).
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