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IPod touch features

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    Chi Meson

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    Just got an iPod touch for my wife (translation, "for me"). I'm just learning the bits and pieces. Having been a mac guy since Macs were first available (1986), I have no problem with the iTunes side of things. The thing is wi-fi, and so just about all internet "stuff" is available.

    But not being much into technology-for-the-sake-of-technology, I was not too familiar with the other features. I have since found out that the thing is a:

    GPS device
    universal remote
    cordless mouse (touchpad or Wii-like waving of arms, using accelerometers)

    Plus a million and two other applications for various prices (free and up). So, not having the time for relentless research, what else is a must have feature for this thing?

    (Ooh, neat! It also plays songs!)
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