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Ippossible puzzle?

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    Planar graph

    http://www.math.lsa.umich.edu/mmss/coursesONLINE/graph/graph5/ [Broken]
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    It's pretty easy to prove that the the graph is non-planar. If you , for example, poke a hole in the paper then it's doable.
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    physics's bad, m'kay.

    http://images.southparkstudios.com/media/images/610/610_img_12.jpg [Broken]

    (I swear that's the last picture joke today)
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    What these mathematicians are saying is that it is easily provable that the problem is truly impossible. (unless you poke a hole through the paper)
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    I knew right away that it would be this puzzle. The guy in the video explains it so slowly and has some story of houses and utilities when all he needs to say is boxes and circles. ridiculous
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    You don't understand. If you somehow mixed the gas pipe with the electricity, the whole block would explode.

    I hope you don't want to become an engineer.
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    I didn't even listen to his whole story so that is out of the question. I'm simply stating that it is pointless to add a stupid little story to this puzzle. And how slow and precisely he tries to teach it like were all a bunch of Neanderthals. Keeping it as circles and boxes and lines that don't touch simplifies everything just as an engineer would.
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    looks like poop-loops was just showed up.
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    Here's a solution for the problem

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    3 has no G
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    I like how you have to assume that houses are two dimensional squares in order to do the puzzle.
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    It doesn't need it....

    about one out of every three new houses are all electric now
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