Medical IPS (intense pulsed light) machine to use at home

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    My wife and I are 32 y.o. and want to keep skin appearance youthful (who doesn't?)

    From my online reading, I can find very few ways to do that, and none at all to make epidermis renew like in a teenager (which is the ideal if unattainable goal). We have scars, sun damage, you name it.

    There's a bunch of ultra-expensive "youth elixir" type treatments, but even when they have a clinical study, it's not normally something I'd deem as reliable, if at all believable. I may adhere to higher standards of quality than average, though, so maybe I'm just too strict.

    Are there reproduced, commonly-accepted to be efficient, treatments that make skin regenerate significantly faster and/or improve skin structure and/or remove scars? My wife used Mederma to treat scars left after a major accident for years. I'm looking for something 10x more efficient that doesn't involve a plastic surgeons or skin grafts, I'm not sure such thing exists.

    Absent that, I'm looking at IPS - to use primarily as tiny spider vein treatment, as well as to improve the look of skin ("facial rejuvenation" BS of a term). Non-MDs offer the treatment for outrageous amounts using cheap machines I can buy for under $2000, and doing no skilled labor. Are there people here who use such machines (what models?) at home and having any (positive or negative) feedback? It seems it's worth buying a $2000 machine to save myself an hour and $150 per treatment at a non-MD office. Why would anyone pay for it instead of buying the machine - maybe I don't know something obvious?

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