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Homework Help: IPT (questionnarie)

  1. Nov 23, 2011 #1
    Hey guys/girls

    I know this isn't really physics but I need some urgent help. I have to do an assessment for my IPT class in which I have to ask a company some questions relating to their computer systems. So if you work at like a place that uses computer systems, in terms of data basing, networking etc. Could you please leave the name of the company and then fill in the following questionnaire. More than one person can do it. I know its a pretty long question thing but it would really help me out a ton because the company we were originally going to do hasn't replied yet.

    What type computers are used?
    When was the hardware last updated?
    What is the current hardware?
    What input and output devices are used?
    (Printer, Fax, Keyboard)

    What operating system is used?
    What major programs are used?
    What utilities are used in conjunction with the main program?
    What writing program is used?
    What virus protection and firewall programs are used?

    What kinds of tasks are done on the computer?
    How does the staff maintain the system?
    Does any of the staff have the knowledge to repair the system or help with programs?

    How user friendly is the hardware and software?
    Does the design/layout of the work room(s) cause pain to the employees? (Explain)
    Does the design of the furniture cause pain to the employee? (E.g. Chair design?)

    What type of network is used?
    How often does the staff use the network?
    How good is the network performance?
    Do the users have use of email and internet?
    Does the company have a backup network for the stock; if not, what is done to allow employees to continue working?

    Part of Evaluation:
    How effective is the system?
    What prospects are there for a career in IT in this organization?
    In what ways was the use of networking an advantage to the organization?
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