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IQ 20 points

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    Can everyone improve his IQ up to 20 points?
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    The Answer: No
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    But you can improve your score on IQ tests by 20 points if you 'practise' hard enough.
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    Experiments have shown that 5 or 6 points is the max for most people. There might be rare individuals whose IQ had been depressed by some condition who could boost 20 points.

    Small children can show large IQ swings, that wwas what led to Head Start and similar programs. But the swings don't last; it's part of the gradual stabiization of the IQ which happens in the late teens/early twenties.
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    how do u consider a "139" score for a 16 year old male..?
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    i took one in middle school and they said i had a 170... I took one online and they said i had a 110...
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    Yea, the online ones are just worthless. Anything you can do in 15 minutes cannot accurately measure your IQ, THOUGH mine seem to be consistant for the 5 that ive taken (all upper 160's) but i think thats cause the tests were fairly small, and 170 was the max it allowed.

    Heres a question: Who does IQ tests anymore? Mensa?

    Also, I hate mensa. I took one of their tests, did really badly then looked at some of their books and was like "THATs what they wanted?". If you don't know their style its worthless. I then took the test again and got mid 90th percentile. They have the same types of questions and if youre unfamiliar with them you really do need to be a genius to figure out what they want. Cause they'll do things like : whats the next number in this sequence :

    8 5 1 12 5 ?

    And youll do a bunch of math, and then you look at the answer and its "25" because when converted to letters it spells Healey! So dumb.
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    When you understand what intelligence is, IQ will become quite irrelevant. Find what you really desire in life. Find a path, for even there you will chase your tail, but if your self actualization will be based on what you compare to others, you will never be selfactualized. For the key is only when you do not do this and search for searching sake will you truely search and find truth. Anything else you are playing king of the hill, if not with others then within yourself. When you truely search you will then find your mind raised and maybe to heights you belived were not possible. For example the ability to answer any question you truely desire.
  10. Sep 16, 2004 #9
    I disagree. In our profession driven world the intelligence that corresponds to IQ tests, basically problem solving skills, is a key factor to advancement. Though there are breakthroughs that can be attributed to creativity rather than intelligence, your natural ability to problem solve is required to do research and theory development in a timely fashion, or even at all.
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    Seriously, I think my IQ increased by 20 points by just being a math major.
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    There has been quite a bit of evidence that psychotropics/psychedelics can- under the right therapeutically controlled conditions- lead to substantial increases in problem-solving and analysis- but of course thanks to bible-thumping right-wing primates we cannot research this any longer-
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    The ability to problem solve is in direct relationship with something which is not understood by most many. I cannot believe that only I understand this. I have answered questions some believe are not possible ot answer. I have precognitve experiences to the point where I describe things beyond statistical probability. I have other experiences which would without question prove the existance of the afterlife and a few other perks. This is reality. I am not special and am like anyone else we all have the same potential, weather we self actualize in it is another question. There is one thing which is the cause of clarity and it is the same for all people. It can raise IQ beyond human comprehension. The word "be" happens. Yes there is a general level humans do operate at, but they can raise that level if that is their desire or if they desire something else it will automatically be raised. Meaningless number.
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    Convenient that it's you that these experiences happen to, making it very hard to disprove.
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    One can improve there iq from 0 - 300 by cheating :)

    But yes i think its easily possible, alot of intelligent people(the intelligence accepted by society) score very low on IQ tests, if you are taught how to do them, because it is possible, then you sure can
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    In my experience, the most important factor in intelligence isn't IQ at all, its quite simply accepting that in order to learn, you must first be wrong.
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    Intelligence is logic and creativity a person has. :bugeye:

    Creativity is the manner in which a person comes up with ideas. :rolleyes:

    Logic is the holdings which define the arrangement and proceedings of the creativity. Kind of acting as the order to the creativity. :uhh:

    Clearly anyone that has creativity and logic has intelligence. :rofl:

    The best way to determine inteligence is by adding the entire sum they would recieve on a logic and creativity tests then multiply that by creatvity divided by logic, since logic dictates the order of in which creativity is defined as inteligence as well as restrain it, therefor the way in which inteligence should be written down is calculated as so:

    P.I. = (C+L)(C/L) or (C^2+CL)(1/L) or (C^2/L+C)
    I call it the Oberne Equation :biggrin:

    Creativity has the largest role on inteligence and without it there is zero inteligence. You cannot have inteligence without the brain possessing some kind of ability for it to create a thought. And a thought is part of the whole ordeal we use to define inteligence, yet without logic, inteligence is wild and unsorted, so logic is another large part to decide on inteligence by. The same rule that if without creativity there is no inteligence also goes with logic, if logic is zero, there is no inteligence aswell, since we all know you cannot divide by zero. Logic and Creativity cannot be negative since they are absolute measurements like with measuring temperature by Kelvin, there are no negative Kelvin substances in existence. :surprised
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    so the less logical ability you have, the more intelligent you are? Someone with no logic wouldn't have no intelligence, like you said; they'd be a god.
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