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IQ and ethnocentrism

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    The discussions about IQ and race here have been fascinating. There is also a theory that "ethnocentrism" is inherited. In short, that the white race is the least ethnocentric since living in the sparsely populated ice age promoted universal altruism. And that Jews, in particular, are the most ethnocentric due to living in the densely population middle east.
    http://home.comcast.net/~neoeugenics/mac.htm [Broken]

    However, I can find no scientific evidence for different levels of ethnocentrism. Is there any? And that it is genetic?

    There is also the theory that different races compete for resources and the most intelligent (Jews in particular) deprive other people of resources. Quite similar to Communist theories that capitalists deprive the poor of their resources. Both these theories view the economy as a zero-sum game, if somebody gains, somebody must lose.

    Both of these theories are wrong since the economy expands due to the efforts of intelligent capitalists. More capitalism, less poverty.
    http://www.cato.org/research/articles/vas-0109.html [Broken]

    Similar, the more intelligent people in a society, the better the economy. In particular, the more of the verbal intelligence where the Jews advantage is the greatest.

    Quite similar, it seems to me that there is relationship between the degree of freedom for and number of Jews in a society have and the economic and political success of the society. After the banishment of Jews from Spain in 1492, Spain soon started to decline. The Ottoman empire, Holland and the overseas colonies where many of the Jews found refugee soon started their expansion. As did England after Cromwell allowed Jews to enter England. Italy declined after the banishment of Jews around 1550. The Enlightenment gradually allowed more freedom for the Jews all over Europe.

    For some people, the persecution of the Jews were advantageous. For example, the lawyers and the physicians that competed with Jews. But not for the society as a whole.
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    I remember reading about Letters to the Editor in Russia over the trial of the Oil Oligararch, Khodorkorsky, and some one says, 'Apparently they have all the money and that is why we can not get the street fixed in front of our house.'

    It is interesting that you mention the idea of a "zero sum game," that is just about what some people in Russia are inclined to believe capitalism is about.
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