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IQ and the universe

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    If a person has a really high IQ, is a super-genius, doesn't it stand to reason that that person can perceive the universe for what it is more than an average person? i feel like i can see the universe for what it is...patterns...cycles...of energy. i can see what humans are...where they came from...where they going... from the cycles and patterns. there can't be a god ,because everything is equally unresponsible for its own existence. plus every culture has its own god...so its clearly just an attribute of a culture. hmmm...what else are people confused about? i'm sure i can explain anything. just gotta be open-minded and perceptive.
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    Can you explain how you got to be such a self-promoting egotist?
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    I'm afraid high IQ people are smart enougn not to really talk about what their perception of the universe is.
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    I find it insulting to humanity and the universe (if possible to insult something like this) that you could sum up everything in such a short post of ellipses. You really claim to be able to see the universe "for what it is" based on being open minded?
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    Every culture has another word for water, so clearly water is just an attribute of culture. There seems to be a flaw in ur reasoning...
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    In my experience, a more accurate formulation might be:

    The more intelligent a person is, the more likely is he to notice fundamental flaws in his own reasoning, and less likely to think he can really explain anything at all to ultimate satisfaction. To think one has all the answers is therefore a sign of an unfortunate mix of low intelligence and high ego.
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    Isn't IQ biased? I mean if you give the standard IQ test to a tribal fellow from an African tribe...it would classify him "way below". However, he is able to survive through "tribal" areas on "his tribal" instincts.

    I know IQ tests are biased...so I don't understand why people still base their intelligent on tests that are biased.

    The IQ test involving patterns...I believe that it's "acquired". My opinion is that all patterns are acquired at some point even though current documentation says that it is not.
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    How can anyone compare someone's IQ to the entire god damn universe? You might end up being superior if you'll be completely elevated from us all, not subject to the same physical laws or being absolutely omnipotent and be able to, for example, live the life of every one of us as if it was your own (hard to imagine, but you get my point).

    Just because one is smarter doesn't make him superior to anyone, and especially to the universe itself (and there can be no exceptions here).
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    I once had such thoughts, but as it turns out I was just high on DXM.

    *moves to close this thread*
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    Components of intelligence
    Component tests are generally designed and selected because they are found to be predictive of later intellectual development, such as educational achievement. IQ also correlates with job performance, socioeconomic advancement, and "social pathologies". Recent work has demonstrated links between IQ and health, longevity, and functional literacy. However, IQ tests do not measure all meanings of "intelligence", such as creativity. IQ scores are relative (like placement in a race), not absolute (like the measurement of a ruler).
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    More plausible explanations for your perceptions are mania or possibly early schizophrenia. Seek help.
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    This obviously is going nowhere, but a rule of thumb I try to keep in mind is that very intelligent people are much better at constructing arguments to convince themselves of the truth of their own biases and delusions. That does not mean they are any closer to the truth.
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