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IQ is everything?

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    Hello .i'm Iranian girl,17, and I've finished my second grade of high school. this year is the last chance for participating in maths Olympiad but the biggest thing that caused I consider Olympiad after 2 years was I am afraid to not be a genius! You know everybody around me says the most important wealth for be successful in Olympiad first of all is your IQ and after effort, good teacher, facilities etc and it preoccupies my mind every time when there are a lot of guys smarter than me next there is no room for me! you think is right?!how percent IQ??how percent effort??i'm really crazy about math but it comes to my mind everytime if you CAN'T !do you think really When there is a will,there is way??
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    I made a study of IQ tests as part of my study of education and learning.
    Long story short: they are all junk, and almost always misapplied anyway.
    (I will upset some people with that statement - you watch. There are applications for IQ tests if you are careful - most people are not careful.)

    The most important thing about a Math competition is just to be good at maths.
    It seems too simple but it is the only important thing.

    The whole comment abut IQ is just as you suspect: some people have a head start.
    But you know what to do when someone is ahead of you in a race - you run faster.

    It is good there are a lot of people better than you at maths (note: not smarter than you, that is meaningless) than you to compete against. That is how you improve. They all started out as the slow one too.
    If you are really enjoying the competition, then keep going.

    Think of yourself as an athelete, get a coach, train, practise against people who are better than you.
    The World needs more girl mathematicians: you'll get nothing but encouragement here.
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    Concur with the above and...

    Attempting to quantify these things is largely a waste of time when their translation into real-world performance is dubious at best. Asking if some achievements are out of reach because one wasn't "born with it" is not helpful, especially if it is not incurring some massive cost. Most weekend sports warriors do not reach their potential in athletics because they do not train specifically for it every day for years. What does one hope to achieve if one treats things like just a hobby? Not winning a prize, I hope.

    I think this is just as true for performance on standardized exams, they are largely a skill that can and does get trained for. If you really take things seriously, starting at a disadvantage should not be a source of discouragement, only a signal to train much, much harder.

    Anyway, you have nothing to lose here. Participating in the olympiad will only help you in distinguishing you when getting into colleges. And give you a little edge/additional experience in standardized exams, which for better or worse are a necessary skill.
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    IQ tests mean about as much as horoscopes to me.
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    Hi roya, I suggest you to ask your question here: http://yasaman-farzan.blogfa.com/
    You know Dr Farzan won a gold medal in physics Olympiad and now she's a successful physicist. I guess she doesn't agree that "IQ is everything"! :wink:
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    I doubt _any_ nontrivial situation in life depends on just one factor. Besides, even if IQ does measure something real, there is always drive/determination , opportunity, luck, etc.
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    In real life, it turns out not to matter so much if you are the smartest person in the room or not (regardless of whether that can or cannot effectively be measured by a test). Even if you are, you won't and don't have all the insights or ideas that get generated by the collective group -- not even as just a collection of individuals, let alone the synergistic effect of the dialogue sparking new ideas, etc.

    The most fun is when you can't even trace back who the 'good idea' came from because it came from the group dynamic. Allows you to be greater than just your little old singular self. And that's exciting.
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    Having a high IQ means you're good at IQ tests.
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    That's exactly right. The real measure of your intellect is what you produce over the years. If you have a low IQ score and publish papers in your field of study, or tutor people in your field of study, or just even make contributions on a website like this, then what really does this IQ score tell us? Not much.

    A perfect example is the US graduate record exam (GRE). The first time I took that, I just walked in and took it. I thought it was like the SAT, which I remember the folk logic in high school was that it wasn't really a test you could study for, either you knew it or you didn't. I actually did really well on the SAT, and thought the GRE would be little different. Well, it didn't me long into the exam to realize in was in way over my head.

    Getting a good score on the GRE is much more about learning how to take the exam, and much less about how smart you are. It is basically a maze of trick questions. If you don't know the techniques to spot these tricks, you're not going to do well. This is why entire books and many websites are devoted entirely to this subject.
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    Don't worry about IQ tests

    A IQ only test you on what some other person knows right. If the IQ test dose not test you on how well your mind works and what your mind can do what good is the test. Thing are made and things are learned not by what we know but by putting them together in a new way nobody but you can see.
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    I really feel like I've said this exactly.
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    I was actually going to make a thread like this I have this strange professor at the university who claims that if we don't have a high IQ we better start doing something else( my major is electrical engineering).I never believed that human intelligence can be determined by a single number and used measure future success.Anyway I took an IQ test and it's one of the biggest mistakes I've made.I got a rather high score of 130 and now everyone seems to be expecting more from me, people started treating me differently, it sucks.I think that anyone is better off without knowing his IQ if you are around the average it's ok but if you are above it some people start thinking "Oh he is going to be a millionaire by next year's end" which is certainly not the case and it's freaking depressing.I went from being a student with good grades(A and B's and an occasional C somewhere) to a student who is not fulfilling his potential.They should ban IQ tests.
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    IQ tests were developed to test for mental retardation.
  15. Jul 25, 2014 #14
    Can you please name some of those techniques?
  16. Jul 30, 2014 #15
    One trouble with IQ tests is bias based on localized societal norms and consensus expectations made about common background information.

    Now an interesting question (to me at least) is what would an IQ test for E.T's look like? And which is 'smarter' dog or cat?
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    No one problem with IQ tests is that they're meaningless, I guess another would be that we have all these threads from people who think they matter.
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    Not to be brash, but they really were designed to see whether a person ought to be doing nothing more than cleaning floors or harvesting vegetables. The test falls apart when testing for the presence of intelligence or super-intelligence, as it's designed to identify a lack in intelligence.

    I still don't hold any merit to it.
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    I have an official intelligence quotient of 87 which is relatively low in comparision to the average scientist. And I have to agree with the users above me, it has a minor interference with your daily life as long as you are not using these precisely implemented intelligences being in the test, like your spatial ability or memorization.

    I'm very poor at the mathmatical questions in the tests, yet I'm very capable of learning about physics, it's just does not mean much. It tells you your habit of thinking, nothing else.

    Also I have a question:

    I've noticed that I'm functioning poorly when trying out IQ tests since I started learning physics non stop (3 weeks ago), could this be due to neuroplasticity as my brain is not being used to anything else that physics itself?
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    IQ tests online are just games. Real IQ tests are administered by trained psychologists.
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    :approve: :biggrin: bhuhahha
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    They are not meaningless. Saying so is dismissive of many the professionals in social sciences, psychology, education and therapy. A low IQ score alone will qualify you for social security disability.
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    No, a single low IQ score alone is usually not enough, other tests and diagnoses are usually required to get you approved. Have you read the requirements? I have, you would need to have an IQ under 59.
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    My original IQ test score, divided by my current age would give me an IQ somewhat less than 40. I would say that is not entirely inaccurate.
  25. Jul 31, 2014 #24


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    Comparing IQs is a pissing contest.

    The only difference being, in a real pissing contest measurements are much more exact.

    Especially on the snow.
  26. Jul 31, 2014 #25
    So what is it then? Many requirements or a single score below 59? The score alone is sufficient, as you should know since you read the requirements... (Its not necessary, but its sufficient. There is a difference.)

    I think you are just arguing for the hell of it because your "rebuttal" does not address my claim, in fact it substantiates it. :wink:
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