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IQ Test Questions

  1. Nov 19, 2006 #1
    Just something to keep you all entertained. :D

    1. ODD ONE OUT

    Which is the odd one out and why?



    These are rare numbers. They are pairs of numbers in which the sum of the factors of one is equal to the other; and vice versa. What are the two numbers in the first pair? They are both under 300.

    ? ?
    1184 1210
    5020 5564
    6232 6368
    10744 10856
    17926 18416
    9437056 9363584

    3. TEASERS

    a) A wheel is spun containing 10 red and 10 yellow equal segments. Above the wheel is an arrow. What are the chances that in any 10 consecutive spins the same color will appear against the arrow?

    b) Eight bingo balls numbered from 1 to 8 are placed into a bag then drawn out at random, one by one, and the numbers written down to form an eight-figure number. What are the odds that the eight-figure number will divide by 9 exactly?

    c) If the man who always transgressed against divine or moral law was named Dennis, the girl who always felt unwell was named Delia, and the lady who had a thing of value was name Tessa, what was the name of the man who carried a bag of letters?

    d) Jim, Alf, and Sid each win on the horses for three days running. The following are the nine amounts which the bookie paid out (starting with the largest amount to the smallest amount):

    $65 $52 $47 $39 $26 $23 $21 $15 $12

    Jim won twice as much as Sid. What was the total winning amount for each man over the three days?
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  3. Nov 21, 2006 #2
    Man do I hate these ambiguous problems.

    "CHIS" is the only one whose letters are arranged in alphabetical order
    "DENC" is the one with the lowest sum of its letters
    "PORL" is the one with the highest sum of its letters
    "PERL" is the only one that has a corresponding O'Reilly book
    "FRAP" is the only one that begins with a letter that is only used once
    "SPAD" is the only one that could be changed into a real word if its vowel were replaced with a "U".

    Well, I know what you *meant*, however, it's not quite right--
    1) You should stipulate that the numbers cannot be the same
    2) Typically "1" isn't considered a factor, or, if it is, so should the value itself.

    The answer you're looking for is 220, 284.

    But you could also go with: 1, 1 or 6, 6 or 28, 28 (where the sum of the factors = the number)

    Or, if you don't include "1" as a factor, you could go with 48, 75 or 140, 195.

    And if you include the number itself as a factor, the only plausible answer is 1, 1.

    I don't even understand the question. The same color as what will appear against the arrow? That 10 spins in a row will all yield the same result? Or that 2 of the 10 consecutive spins yield the same result? Why does it matter that the wheel is divided into 20 segments? Couldn't it just be 50/50?

    Finally, a well-written question! Too bad it's so easy! There's a 100% chance that it will divide exactly by 9.

    I'm at a loss. Again, I don't even understand what's going on.

    Oh, BOOOOO! Another one with an ambiguous answer. Possible answers:

    Jim: $47, $39, $26
    Sid: $23, $21, $12
    Alf: $65, $52, $15


    Jim: $47, $26, $23
    Sid: $21, $15, $12
    Alf: $65, $52, $39


    Jim: $65, $47, $12
    Sid: $26, $21, $15
    Alf: $52, $39, $23

    This one could've been made NON-ambiguous if, say, there was an extra clue like "Jim won the most" or "Alf won more than 3 times what Sid won".

  4. Nov 21, 2006 #3
    I get the trick, the name backwards corresponds with the description. (Dennis = Sinned, Delia = Ailed, etc). What I don't get is what name could come from something mail-related? Mailman = Namliam? Postman = Namtsop? Carrier = Reirrac? Seriously, at a loss here..
  5. Nov 24, 2006 #4
    Liam is the only name I can think of. Is there a longer form of that name that would fit better?
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