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IQ Test Questions

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    These are some questions that I found on an online test.

    3. 25syjy1.jpg

    5. 28usrk2.jpg

    9. wtziu1.jpg

    11. 2z4051d.jpg

    For three, I believe that the answer is A, since both of the other shapes have a large, medium, and small version.

    A again for five, since each of the first two cells in every row total the same as the last one. I don't know if there is a method for placing the beads though.

    D for 9, although I don't know why each dark blue counter is moving the way it is.

    A for 11, since it is the only one with 6 marbles. And, again, I do not know the rules of movement for these pieces.

    Any clarification upon these problems would be appreciated.
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    I would possibly go for A for 9 because the row with alternate colours seems to be cycling through the rows from row1 -> row3 -> row2 -> row1 (where 1 is the top row) and changing colour each time. But then again the other pictures all have 4 purples and 5 blues so A doesn't really fit into that, going by that D would be the only choice that has 4 purple and 5 blues.
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    I get A A D A:

    1) A Only big triangle not used.
    2) A 5+4=9
    3) D Conservation of Color Charge
    4) A 3 balls 4 balls 5 balls !6! balls
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