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IQ test

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    is there a serious IQ exam to be taken on the internet? if possible for free, just feel curious about my IQ
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    http://www.iqte.st/iqtests/index.html [Broken]

    if it's not timed then it's not legit. IQ takes into account how fast it takes u to think too... but usually internet tests are not "official" anyway, it's a pretty close ballpark tho give or take.

    a good test should also tell what your IQ is for the specific areas it takes into account. I get really high in some things (logic, language), and on the low-normal side for math, patterns... something like that could bring down your overall score, even though you are normal/above average, etc. in specific areas.

    i wouldn't really take IQ tests too seriously anyway... there is obviously more to intelligence/genius than how fast you can reverse a series of numbers in your head and that sort of thing... it leaves out a lot I think.
    IQ tests don't test for creativity for example. is being able to create a beautiful piece of art, or a new and original scientific theory not a process of the mind too?

    that's a different discussion though hahaha
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    lol yeah you're right about it all..but u know all those ppl talking about their IQ's gets u thinking, i took a test before that gave me grades on several sections, and i scored 137 which is too good to be true, so i wanted another test to validate :)
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    eventually everyone has a chance to learn how to be successful, i.e. what kind of behavior is beneficial. for example they may read it in a book. someone with a high IQ may be able to read that book faster.

    But what matters is who has the determinatiion and will power to actually do what they have learned.
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    Are you maybe speaking of tickle test? I took a test there once with bogus results and then they wanted me to pay to get a "better picture of my intelligence" through detailed analysis, oh and you get a certificate too so you can show your friends! :tongue:

    I think its a scam, maybe happy people are more likely to buy the assessment?
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    lol no, i wouldn't trust my intelligence to anything with a screen that asks for money.

    you test what areas you excel in (or not). IQ tests look for very specific skills, we all do better in some types of questions and worse in others (well, most of us; there are some amazing brains out there too).
    for example, savants tend to have very high intelligence in one specific area, and very poor in all the others... people with certain learning disabilities tend to be the opposite, we can have normal or very high in everything, and lower in only one specific area.
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    Yea definitely.

    I found it funny. The certificate thing especially. :tongue2:
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    tickle was one of them, i got way high..i know i'm smart, but i'm definitely not using more than 10% of my brain :P..if i was i would be in class right now :P
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    98th percentile..wooww i'm a genius..i feel bad about not giving them my money :P
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    Want a tougher IQ test...

    Try http://www.highiqsociety.org/iq_tests/" one :)

    Last year, just for giggles, I signed up with Tickle, took their for-pay test and ended up getting a perfect score (144). I think it's definitely dumbed down to make people feel good about themselves.

    The above test is probably more accurate as it's timed. I only got 125 on that one and I'd say about 10-15% of my answers were complete guesses so it's more likely 110 to 115

    Good luck!
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    well yeah i got 126, so i can join their society..even though i've never heard of it before, and they want me to pay 89$..yeah right
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    wow... I was curious to see how bad it would affect my results to take it after a long night and a few drinks (not even that many: 1 beer and 2 drinks -- but it's 8:10 AM, so most of it is tiredness methinks), so i just took the test posted by ktoz ... and my score went down by over 20 points! -- it really makes you think about the importance of sleep when studying or if your work requires using your brain -- and not drinking on the job, but i hope that goes without saying! hahaha
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    i hope u don't try to help any1 with his homework now :)
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