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IQ & the UniverseSeriously

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    There were some good points brought in with the trash. but let's try to keep religion and personal out of this.
    Is some ones universe different because of their perception of it?
    If you see things as systems of systems is that your world or everyones?
    If you see them as chaos experienced is that the real world..it is to you?
    could it be possible that the manifestations of both "deranged" and "superior" intellects are just views from a different angle?
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    "Is some ones universe different because of their perception of it?"

    If "someone's universe" means "someone's perception of the universe",

    If "someone's universe" means "THE universe"...no.
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    But isn't The universe only The universe to you?
    Taking in that something is only true if it is repeatable by others then a pessimist's universal theories would be self proving because in his world everything goes wrong (stretch to illustrate)
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