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IR amplifier?

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    Is it possible to build an IR amplifier?

    I have a weak remote aimed a TV really far away. Is it possible to build a device that I aim the remote at, and it amplifies the signal, then sends a copy of the amplified signal to the TV? Pretty much a repeater?

    If so, how?

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    Something like this?

    The output of the photodiode is fed to a schmitt trigger (hex) inverter. The 74C14 (CMOS schmitt trigger (hex) inverter) is configured as a sine to square wave converter. The output of this regenerated signl is fed to an FET which essentially pulses on and off according to the pulse of the input waveform. The IR emitters on the output will pulse on and off according to how the FET is powered.
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    Wonderful, just what I needed. Thanks!
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