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IR Camera

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    Hello, currently I work at a dental lab, we just got in a new 3D scanner that scans in models of peoples teeth so that we can build crowns for the prepped teeth. I was told that it is a IR scanner. We have to put some type of spray or powder on the models so that the camera can see them good.
    This material is expensiv due to it being in the dental industry. i want to find a alternative material but do not know what things to use or try.
    If this isnt the correct forum for this question wich do you suggest.?
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    I've recently done a module in this kind of thing, I'll have my notes handy in a few days time.

    As I recall, the powder you use doesn't matter too much. It should be non-reflective and have a matte finish. I think grey is the colour of choice, but I have seen some (much larger) applications where white is used. I heard that the manufacturers were skanking a load of people (just like your lab, by the sounds of things) by requiring that their powder was purchased.

    Have you tried recycling the powder, or does it stick pretty well to your models?
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    Actually the powder doesnt work as well, they have the same thing in a aresol can, and it works better.
    They also make a powder that is used to make model work out of, wich will work with the scanner.
    i have taken the packs of powder and sprayed them through a airbrush w/ alcohol.
    It works really well and is far less expensive than a 2 oz. aresol @$180.00

    more like $10 and last 100* longer.

    I also have tried a powder from a similar machine that uses a laser instead of a IR camera, it looked like a metallic powder, like eye shadow makeup.
    It didnt work.
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    Anything metallic (reflective) won't work.
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    I would like to see your notes, that would be cool.
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