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IR divergences

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1
    Hi @ all,

    I have a question about IR divergences at hadron colliders. I can see that there are also IR divergences in loop diagrams such as the vertex correction and so on...

    I also see the IR ones in the real gluon/quark/ or photon emission...
    so that for example the gluon is soft or collinear to the emitter parton..there I can see it with the amplitudes and the propagators...

    but in hadron colliders I saw an additional collinear divergence...if the emitted real gluon is collinear to the unknown part X of the hadron.. p + p -> f + f +g + X..

    how can I "see" or understand that divergence...I know that it is absorbed into the PDFs...not as the soft and coll. ones to the emitter parton...they are canceled with the virtual IR divergences...

    pls..can someone help me to understand that last divergences?..

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