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IR forum review status.

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    Once again, the review process here has fallen by the wayside amidst other obligations of the mentors. Thus, we have needed to streamline the process a bit to catch up on the backlog of submissions. How the process will be handled long-term is being discussed by the mentors.

    For now, we have switched to a two-tier process. Submissions are initially screened by mentors for general adherence to the formatting guidelines (i.e., do they include an abstract, or references). If the submissions include all the components specified by the formatting guidelines, only then are they released for review of the scientific content at which time the mentors and science advisors with subject-specific experience can check for the other requirements of our guidelines, specifically, that there are no gross errors in the scientific basis of the submission that would render further discussion pointless. In the past, we had reviewed both for formatting and scientific content together, but this has proven overly cumbersome.

    As of today, Nov. 25, 2007, all of the members with submissions that have made it past the first tier of review and that are currently undergoing the second tier of review have been notified by me by private message of the status of their submission. All other submissions have been rejected at the first tier of review. I apologize that we cannot contact everyone individually regarding the status of their submission, as the backlog just makes this far too burdensome at this time. If you have NOT received a private message from me regarding your submission, you may resubmit (those submissions have NOT been reviewed for scientific merit), but you MUST adhere to ALL of the submission formatting guidelines or else the submissions will still get no further than the first tier of review.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience.
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