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IR/Raman spectra and symmetry

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    I am trying to interpret some data which have been calculated for IR/Raman but I don't know how to interpret them exactly. The schema says
    mode \nu
    1 b_u 82
    1 a_g 216
    2 b_g 239

    I presume that the u/g are gerade/ungerade from the bonding/antibonding wave functions but how to assign these informations into stretch, bend etc. Is there a table where one can look these values up?

    How to proceed any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
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    You have to find out the symmetry of the system and then look at the character table for that point group. The meanings of a and b etc are all in the character table and will tell you which motions (bend, stretch) are raman active and which are not.
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    A character table - is it possible to find that online or does one have to consult a certain book?
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