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News IRA vows to end armed campaign - 1 Year later

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    It is exacly one year since the IRA vowed to en armed campaign. Has they even done anything at all since then? Is it just me, or is their political section Sinn Fein gone missing? What does IRA do now and what do you think their current and future power to influence is/is going to be?

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    Its just you, jerry adams and sinn fein have seats in the Irish Brittish and EU goverment:

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    They decommissioned all their weapons last fall. Virtually every expert/insider is of the opinion that the IRA has ceased to exist as an Army.

    As for the political influence of Sinn Fein, some of that will depend on whether or not the DUP holds its ground on opposing Sinn Fein's entry into a power-sharing Executive (see Belfast Agreement).
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