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News Irak and then ?

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    There are several opinions about what the Irak attack was originated by : suspiscious or erroneous (very hard weighting mistake...) sources of information. Some believe there were weapons of massive destruction...but looking as what the media gave us back, it could be this was just either a kind of excuse, or (more probably), a kind of lure...we remember that the International Agency reported nothing special in those places...it's to believe that there begins to exist a world on some media that is no more related to reality, and that almost the whole world, or at least a part of it, got trapped by this illusion....but there always remain a "but" (and the time passing)...: but what if this time there would really exist something...Iran...something not nuclear...no something we are afraid of because we don't know...so if you say : you cannot look inside : either there is something, or it's bluff, or a trap like : look inside (and I push you..)...this reminds in some way the Elitzur & Vaidman problem....we don't think that physicists make bets about this, but it could be that transactions about such extrapolation exists..a black hole, a white fountain ? Or a canal down to the earth heart to get almost infinite heat and molten metal so that in contrary to Irak, it's not possible to make embargo, because they have become independent...??...Imagination circumvents the world..it was once said...but there is still no indices of directions nor proofs of anything...almost vacuum of them...it's almost more sure that, as compared to before, there is almost absolutely nothing dangerous there, except like in every society problems, and that it is probably a trap to kill innocent people again....should we make a poll ?
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    Kleinwolf, I'm going to have to close this, just for being somewhat redundant. We've had a good deal of threads on the war in Iraq in general, and prospects for war in Iran in particular. Run a search for them and just add your post into one of those threads.
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