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News Iran and capital punishment

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    Iran has executed 29 convicts

    I find it interesting that in some countries, death penalty is consistently broadcasted in a large media coverage, and not done in secret without anybody hearing about it. Please understand that I am against capital punishment, but understand a democracy which uses it as an example, however can not understand an alleged democracy which does not use it as an example. Indeed, logically death penalty can not just be a protection for society, by removal of a dangerous individual. Life imprisonment does that just as well (it's more expansive, but supposedly more human).

    Just a personal opinion on an evil country...
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    Last I checked, in the US, it is more expensive to give someone a death penalty than to give them life in prison. I doubt, however, that the same is true of Iran (since, in the US, most of the extra cost comes from the various stages of appeals).
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    I've seen the same claim on wikipedia, but I don't understand it is possible.
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    Wikipedia refers to http://news.ufl.edu/1997/01/15/death1/ [Broken]
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    I don't understand what you are trying to say here. Sentences for criminals serve two primary purposes: One is the removal of the threat to society, but the other is simply punishment.
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    Oh, my point was that I don't relate to those purposes. Being imprisoned for life is much worse in my understanding. I can only relate to the fact that death punishment is used as a mean to scare the population by taking an example. That's how it was done in France until the 1980's : on sunday morning with a crowd of people. It's a different culture I guess.
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    Yes, that's the word I needed ! Thanks :smile:
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