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News Iran - third world?

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    Now, we really need some educating about this first, second, and third world nations issue. I'll do it as precisely and clearly as I can.

    First World
    http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=first world
    Required conditions:
    A) During the Cold War.
    B) Industrialised.
    C) Capitalist (they refer to the USA side, as opposed to the USSR/"communist" side).

    In the oh-so-spooky tongue of logic, this is: (A.B.C)

    Second World
    http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=second world
    Required conditions:
    A) During the Cold War.
    D) Communist (using the incorrect common-use meaning of "communist").

    This gives us: (A.D)

    Third World
    http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=third world
    Required conditions:
    A) During the Cold War.
    E) Developing nation.
    F) Geographically located in Asia, Africa, or Latin America.

    And this gives us: (A.E.F)

    So, if a country is to be considered 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world, it MUST be: (A.B.C)+(A.D)+(A.E.F)

    Now, to find out which category Iran falls into, we check which factors apply to Iran. Simple, yes?

    First, let's check First World. A and B and C. A it meets, since it was during the Cold War; or it was A, but isn't any longer. B is debatable; it was industrialised, but not as heavily as some others. C is also debatable, given how much control the state had. So it might be first world, but it is not a very clean fit, so let's try some others.

    Let's try second world. For this, it must be A and D. It most certainly was A, but no longer. It was not D itself, but was ruled by, and allied with, the USA and USSR at different times. Looks like a second world country to me. But we don't like it, so let's move on and check another possibility.

    Is it a third world nation? Well, to be a third world nation, it must be A and E and F. It's most certainly not A, since the Cold War no longer exists. It is E, since it is developing. It is not F, since it is not part of Asia, Africa, or Latin America. So, it can not be third world.


    For further education, Iran is situated on the Arabian plate.
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    Listen, maybe we'll just credit the problem here to the effect of that hole in the ozone upon your ability to reason but I'll give it one last shot.

    The dictionary link you give offers the following:
    "The developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin American"

    Very freakin simple, 2 conditions are required:
    1. That it be a developing nation.
    2 that it be a nation of Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

    There is no need to argue the point about Iran being a developing nation, it's been argued to death. So
    Condition #1: MET
    Condition #2: according to the world atlas Iran is found within the Asian continent. Check it before arguing.

    and again NIBC-Iran information
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    When you children grow up, I'll give you your toys back...
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