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Iranian Conjoined Twins Murder!

  1. Jul 8, 2003 #1
    This is bull, do you guys realize that this is a f*king murder that CNN supposedly reports as a "sad tragedy"? It makes me sick how these doctors can get away with something like this...those poor twins! These doctors needed to try out their new theory and they chose these twins as their subject...Oh and they said they wanted to "provide a better life" for them. Screw that sh*t! Wat do u guys think about this?
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    Well, I can't go inside the minds and souls of the doctors so I really can't say anything.
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    Aight Cletus, lets make this simple. It is sad that they have passed. I really had hopes for them.

    They have lived a life in which one or the other was forced into a situation they may not have wanted to be in. They've been two minds, essentially 2 bodys joined together.

    Just for one second try to think about how much life would suck if you lived like that.

    They had some years under their belts, not many but some. They were informed that there was a 50/50 chance of survival. They made the decision to take the risk because they thought that death would be a welcome change to the life they'd been living.

    But you may form whatever opinions you wish.
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    no, not murder because the twins were 100% aware of the risks...besides, they desired this surgery because they wanted to live more of a separate life...
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    PiRsq I understand your in grief too. We all are as it's a heartbreaking loss. As kerrie said they knew the risks. I'm sure they were in great hands, but sometimes unexpected things happen.
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    U kno, the media is a bi*ch! Especially the fags at CNN. Not the reporters but the people who make the story. I bet you that the docs told the twins that there was a "GOOD" chance of survival where they told the media that there was a 50/50 chance of survival because they knew there wasnt a 50/50 chance of survival there was gonna be more like a 0/100 chance of survival! This has never been done before so why all of the sudden do it on someone from Iran? Are they the only ones in this WORLD with that sort of problem? They just had to find a test subject ppl..Of course the media is gonna say that the Iranian twins were "very well aware of the risks" and they wanted to live a separate life. Somehow I feel that the twins were VERY WELL MISINFORMED about this surgery and were lied to about the outcome. Plus if they have lived 20 some odd yrs together and they probably wouldve hoped to die as ONE and not as different ppl...I dunno thats how I feel about this situation
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    I completeyly agree with you the media dose suck it is all about the benjermans...baby...But in all truth the twins had even siad they where completely aware of the risks. I do however belive that the doctors shoudl have been more presetent with the risks on account of the major vain and the fact that we still are rather new at this
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    kind of gives a new meaning to split personality
  10. Jul 10, 2003 #9
    not really....
  11. Jul 10, 2003 #10
    Yes its very sad and tragic, but why get so ****ty about this? they wanted the operation because they wanted to live there own lives not have to spend the rest of their lives stuck together. I known that i would rather die than have a part of my anatomy stuck to someone else from birth.
  12. Jul 10, 2003 #11
    It is a sad tragedy, however they were well aware of the risk. In fact they had been trying to get a doctor willing to try and perform the operation on them since they were teenagers.

    After about fifty hours, the operation wasn't going well and the doctors paused to review the wishes of the twins. Their wish was to be seperated no matter what.

    It is too bad, they sound like they were remarkable women.
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    These women were very couragious to have undergone a surgery that has never been successful... with adult conjoined twins.

    They wanted separation at any cost... even death. They were filmed saying exactly that... in english.

    When the surgery didn't work and the women died, they gained a definite separation... and so... they have achieved a semblance of their dream. I am happy for them.

    As for the lot of twisted knickers who would have denied these women a chance at a life separate from one another... I have a good idea for a protest for you...............

    get some duct tape and tape your head to someone with twisted kickers like yourself.

    Stay like that for 29 years... then come back and tell us about your problem with these women's courage.
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