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Iranian Uranium

  1. Jun 13, 2004 #1
    Iran developing Hydrogen Bombs...

    TEHRAN, Iran -- Toughening its stand in advance of a meeting of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Iran on Saturday said it would reject international restrictions on its nuclear program and challenged the world to accept Tehran as a member of the "nuclear club."

    United States and its allies say Tehran has a secret nuclear weapons program.

    Kharrazi insisted that Iran would not give up processing and enriching uranium, which are necessary for both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. Iran says it has achieved the full cycle, but is not now enriching uranium.

    U.S. and European countries have demanded that Iran halt operations of a plant it inaugurated in March in Isfahan, central Iran, that processes uranium into gas. The demand also calls for aborting plans to build a heavy water reactor in Arak, another city in central Iran.

    Iran has confirmed possessing technology to extract uranium ore, processing it into a powder called yellow cake and then converting it into gas. The gas is then injected into centrifuges for low-grade enrichment that turns it into fuel for nuclear reactors.

    Uranium enriched to low levels has energy uses, while highly enriched uranium can be used in bombs.

    IAEA inspectors had found traces of highly enriched uranium at two sites, which Iranian officials have maintained was from contaminated imported materials.

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