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News Iran's uranium

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    There are a lot of steps on the path to a nuclear bomb and this is one of them. While it isn't necessarily an indication that they are planning on developing nuclear weapons, the fact that they won't say they won't is discouraging (see: North Korea).
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    I am much more afraid of united states nukes..... there is no doubt they already have enougth of them to wipe the entire earth, there is no doubt they have used it over civilians, they have invaded much much more countrys that iran. they are even planing to build micro nukes...
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    what do you suppose Iranians should do when they see two of their nearest neighbors attacked ?
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    Invite US to their country and donate their oil and gas sourses to them?
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    I find it fascinating how people always bring up the oil issue whenever a discussion arises about the Iraq war or the prospects of invading other Middle Eastern countries such as Iran. Prior to the invasion, it was considered a plausible (and very popular) hypothesis (that the US would invade for control of large oil supplies) but since the attack started, in 2003, I haven't yet heard of an instance where the US has tried to control or dominate the oil fields. Quite the contrary actually, they are supporting the distribution of oil resources among Iraqis. The contention right now among the three main Iraqi groups (Shia, Sunni and Kurds) which is blocking the promulgation of their constitution is on how to divide the oil resources.
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    The fact that you haven't heard anything about the politics of controlling oil fields doesn't mean that US is doing nothing about that. ;)
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    That's because the US already has control.... What, do you think the insurgents control them or something?

    When was the last time you heard of an insurgent attack on an oil field with x marines dead? For me it was a couple days ago. You think they'd be attacking the oil field if it wasn't already controlled? You think the marines would even be there to be attacked if it wasn't?
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    Because there are other countries which have NUcks and they are more as dangerous as Iran(perhaps more), but they're not located in Middle-east. And I never hear any word about why the hell they have NUcks! Although everyone knows that they have then not just trying to have them 1 day!
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    Yes, but that is just a temporary measure before Iraq's new government is established. There is a necessity to control those oil fields because the (mostly Sunni Arab) insurgence is aiming to destroy them. Do you really think that Americans will continue to control those supplies after the Iraqi government can really start to wield some influence? I don't think so. The whole debate these days is on how to divide the oil supplies among the three different groups.
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    Which regime can you possibly think of right now which is more of a short-term menace to the US and to Europe than the increasingly anti-Western theocracy of Iran? Not only did they hide their nuclear development plans to UN inspectors until a dissident group disclosed it in 2002, but they constantly adopt an aggressive, provocative stance regarding the issue. Ahmadinejad, who recently was elected President is an ultra-conservative politician. Weapons in Iraq are believed to be smuggled from the frontiers with Iran. It has one of the largest oil supplies in the world but insists on carrying out with its nuclear enrichment process because of 'civilian' uses. Excuse me but I can't conceive of another regime that can pose a larger threat to the US and the West than Iran.
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    And remmember what US and other western countries did when Iraq started a war against Iraq. I don't know what's the whole story about but I read an article in this site which was posted byThe Smoking Man. It was about Iranian's request that US is guilty in Iraq vs. Iran war. So there must be a story behind this claim.

    I don't know what the inspectors found in Iran but I'm sure it couldn't be Nucks because they would be more careful about threatening Iran if they had found Nucks in Iran. Right now Pakistan has Nucks too but it seems that nobody have any problem with that!
    and could you please explain more about "weapons in Iraq are believed to smugged from the frontiers with Iran"? what do you mean by saying that? I've never heard of it before!
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    US Goverment...

    You mean some of this weapons of mass destruction :


    I am starting to see a patron here.. anyone else???

    I can't conceive of another regime that can pose a larger threat to the WORLD than US
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    Why is the US such a threat to the world according to you?
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    You've not answered my question, Curious6!
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    uhhh thanks for asking....

    Ok let's see, they are the only country wich used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, it has overtrown by violence lot's of democraticaly elected goverments, they killed 2.000.000 vietnamites, they are the number 1 weapons manufacturers in the world, they have weapons of mass destruction to wipe the entire heart, they suported and suport (Actively by giving them weapons, money, training and more) cruel dictatorships around the world, they trained osama bin laden, the mujaidin, they helped saddam hussein in the 80', they are 5% of the population and they consume 25% of the world oil, and past month they sent 14.000 marines to paraguay very very close to my country and asked it's goverment to give them Total Inmunity, so they wont be prosecuted if they commit any types of crimes... well, that is just a little... just to name a few

    Take a look at this meanwhile..
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    No, they have not found any nuclear weapons before, but they are suspicious because Iran has kept its nuclear development programme secret before it was disclosed by dissidents in 2002. Anyways, Western governments are usually careful about threatening other nations, not necessiraly because they fear possible repercussions, but because they usually take the path of diplomacy first.

    What was meant by 'weapons in Iraq are believed to be smuggled from the frontiers with Iran' is that insurgents in Iraq are smuggling (smuggle: to import illegally) weapons from Iran.
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    They are definitely interesting points to take into account, but still, if you compare that to the good they have done around the world, it becomes clear they have generally helped more than harmed. This has then got to be compared to the rogue regimes around the world, who have overwhelmingly done more bad than good.
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    Path of diplomacy! Interesting. I remmember most of countries askes US not to attack Iraq because they knew that was a terrible mistake but UD didn't care. US didn't let the inspectors to complete thier task in Iraq.

    And about the new claim: so what the are American army is doing in Iraq?
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    Excusme,, have you seen the world lately?.. If saved a couple of live doesn't give me the right to kill others.... You are omiting a looots of things here....

    Ok let me continue with what i was saying before....

    The us has tested biological weapons on his own population, it had the intentions to blow civilian airlines from cuba and blame it on castro, they use torture, they have stolen land to mexico, they supported noriega, they are suporting dicator of ubekistan who boils his own people alive, They are the number 1 polluters in the world, they suported and helped a dictatorship in my country who killed 30.000 people, they invaded irak based on lies, they impose economic policies around the world. just to destroy entire countrys economicaly... they have no care for the enviroment.. They created countrys like panama, just to be able to control them more easy.

    And all that is justified becouse?????....... they did a lot of good thinks???? like what?

    edit: I don't remember any trial where the acused has been exonerated becouse they did a lot of "Good things", if a crime has been comited it has to be punished.....
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