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News Iraqi Gov and IAEA side with Kerry

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    Ivan Seeking

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    In spite of Bush's efforts to sleaze his way out of this, his failure to run an intelligent war are showing clearly. This is what Kerry has been saying all along. All fingers are pointing at the same person - the only person responsible, not the soldiers or commanders in the field - Bush. It was his so called war plan. The soldiers only do what they're told.

    Bush has failed miserably as Commander and Chief. He is a disgrace to this nation.

    Obviously he skipped the part where you are supposed to secure the enemy's weapons and ammo as you advance.


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    and then Ivan said "let there be spin!"

    Quite frankly I think that perhaps 99.9% of your post belong over in skepticism and debunking. Either that or both you and Kerry need to lay off the rum soaked white raisins. :eek: http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Oct2004/n10272004_2004102710.html

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    Well, why didn't they know what was there? Maybe information on the contents of every munitions dump in Iraq was not available, but the IAEA certainly knew what was in this one. And 370 tons of explosives that were dangerous enough that the IAEA felt it necessary to put the cache under seal sounds like a fairly good objective to order secured, and on which to obtain a status report detailing whether what was found at the site was what was known to be there.

    I don't imagine there's anything to blame Col. Perkins for—I expect he carried out the orders he was given. But this site was an objective that could easily have been taken into account in planning. Why wasn't it?
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    Hey Ivan if you're going to kneejerk every news article you come across you might as well note that just recently Matt Drudge posted info regarding Russia's involvement with moving said explosives into Syria.

    Ahh...looks like the Washington Times also posted this here http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20041027-101153-4822r.htm
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    Oh. Yeah. From a real UNBIASED site... Can you say "CYA"???
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    Yeah...I regard defense links to be held to a higher degree of accountability then www.lalalaland.com[/URL] but when it comes to politics who cares about accountability in the news as long as it's slanted to help your guy, eh? Of course, if you're interested there's also the information posted on the first (and perhaps second) thread he started on this subject.
    Then again, with the some people having job security issues at the IAEA (directly related to the Bush Admin.).....one might think that anything coming out of the IAEA would be suspect...that is if they weren't so warped by their foam at the mouth bush hating kerry loving views to still be able to make an unbiased analysis. :surprised :bugeye: :eek: :yuck:
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    I dont get it. The titel of this topic suggests the IAEUAI and Iraqi gov prefer Kerry. So why is this thread about something else?
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    I can't believe Kerry is still talking about this - he never learns, does he? He's going to get a hard lesson next week, and I'm not even sure he (or many of his supporters, for that matter) will understand why.
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