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News Iraqi's Flood back into Iraq from Syria?

  1. Mar 31, 2003 #1
    It has been said by the Iraqi information office, that 4,000 Iraqi's are devoting their bodies to the Saddam Hussain Preservation Project?

    These Iraqi's who are so devoted to their beloved President and country, are being bused in at this very moment.

    Question?..Why are these Iraqi's external to Iraq, in other countries?
    Why, if they are so devoted are they being imported back as 'human flak Jackets'?

    Could it be that these very same insainites, are resident in neigbouring countries because of their outspoken views of the Iraqi regime?, and have been given amnesty form the Iraqi regime, if they return and provide a 'human-flak-jacket' around the regime leaders?

    It is said that Saddam Hussain has removed his 'Extermination' warrant from the Heads of these 4,000 or so souls, as long as they are prepared to sacrifice their Heads to the Coalition!

    How Ironic!
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    Do you have a link for this information? I'm seeing reports of "volunteers" crossing into Iraq from Syria..but not any report of specific nationalities. I did just read that Syria's highest cleric(?) declared a fatwah against the U.S. and Britian.
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