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IRC Physics Chat

  1. Aug 29, 2004 #1
    is the IRC Physics Chat down? i went to #physics @ irc.sorcery.net and no one was there. did you guys move?
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  3. Oct 5, 2004 #2
    i would like to know that, too.

    i'm not such an irc-fan, but i tried to come into the room and only one man was inside (CrookedRain).
    did i make something wrong?


  4. Oct 7, 2004 #3
    what's the point of IRC when there's forums?

    The most I've seen in there is 4 people =/
  5. Oct 7, 2004 #4


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    Well, IRC does allow for a more rapid discussion, as compared to posting and waiting another few minutes for a person to reply. IRC is real-time.
  6. Oct 7, 2004 #5
    and it's the easiest way, if i have such "stupid" questions i'm afraid to post here...

    but when you all have only seen such a few people in there, i maybe didn't do anything wrong with the irc-client.

  7. Oct 7, 2004 #6
    Do any of the moderators have any information regarding this?

    I really do wish we had a large irc channel.
  8. Oct 7, 2004 #7
    I agree, it would be very intresting to have. I think a bigger effort should be made to promote it and keep it going since we have the large user base.
  9. Nov 10, 2004 #8
    here is physics IRC: irc.freenode.net -> physics
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