Irodov: Best Problems in Physics

  1. Hi all

    In this forum, I couldn't see a discussion on I.E. Irodov's " Probem in General Physics".

    I used this book as an undergrad and found it immensely useful. The standard of the problems in extremely good and thought provoking. Problems range from single concept problems to complex mixture of concepts. I even discovered many profs used it as problem bank for examination questions!

    Unfortunately its not available as widely now in US, although sometimes there are a few copies in Library somewhere or on ......... Recommend it highly if you are lucky enough to locate it

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    Irodov was good. I have it too, though I never ended up doing very many of the problems. The problems were harder than those in Resnick & Halliday.
  4. Its True, Its a nice problem book(arguably best in physics at UG level)
  5. agreed!

  6. yep its awesome
    I've got it and i feel great when i get to one of those 'as tough as everest sums' in it
  7. MIR Publication books

    Hello all!

    This book and many others are available at our website: . Just scroll down the home page and click the Mir catalog.

    All the best!

  8. Frankly,I found out that most questions can be solved easily with DE(repetetive).All others Qs are good.
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    Mostly real life physics problems are solved by differential equations.
  10. I thought in mordern times,Topology rules(Strings,Dirac formalism of QM,etc)

    But yes in my level DEs are the key.Remember the '(repetetive)'
    I was bored by Qs like:bullet passing through sand ,resistance inversly proportional to v^2,boat in water -do-,so on .

    But overall Irodov has done a great job.
    All hail IRODOV.
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  11. i just ordered the book, i hope you guys are right :P
  12. yes wonderful questions especially those towards the end of the exercise.
  13. ahh.. I was looking for this kind of book!
    Thanks a lot!
  14. i don't know how many of uknow about thsi but there is an excellent book by krotov with problems.all difficult but wit extremely elementary solutions.the publisher is mir house
  15. To answer the other thread, the answers are in the back.
  16. Do you know where i can get a copy of Krotov's book?
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