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Homework Help: IRODOV thermodynamics problem

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    I was trying to solve a problem from Irodov book that asked how the concentration ratio of nytrogen and hydrogen varies with the altitude (initial ratio = n0), considering the temperature to be constant.

    If there was only one gas,

    http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/664/77110068.png [Broken]

    dP = -dm g/A
    dP = -dV ρ g/A
    dP = -dh ρ g
    dP = -dh PMg/RT
    dP/P = -Mg/RT dh
    P = P0e-hMg/RT

    P0 is initial pressure
    M is molar mass
    ρ is density

    But how would it work for 2 different gases?
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    Dalton's Law? Could it be that simple?
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    Thanks haruspex, I had completely forgot the Dalton's Law :'(
    Don't know where my head was
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