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Iron/Copper Age

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    I was just thinking to my-self about the copper and iron age. I know why they mean but out of curiousity does anyone know why is it named Iron and Copper Age...just out of curiousty..
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    I always thought it was bronze and iron age ( bronze is an alloy of tin and copper). These two ages are so named because those supposedly those two materials were found predominantly in tools and implements of war. The bronze age lasted up until about the dark ages - thats when smiths figured out out to work with iron to make armor and weapons. Before bronze, tools and weapons were primarily made out of flint (stone) so thats why it was called the stone age. They found a flint arrowhead on the iceman they found in the alps.
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    Yes, it was the Bronze Age & Iron Age. But the Iron Age is generally said to have begun in the late ancient period, not in the Dark Age. The Romans had iron tools and weapons, as did the Hittites, the Celts, and a number of other ancient cultures.
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