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Iron sun?

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    Anybody familiar with:

    D. V. Reames and C. K. Ng, 2004; Heavy-Element Abundances in Solar Energetic Particle Events, The Astrophysical Journal, 610:510–522, 2004 July 20 ?

    What is going on? Are we rewriting the birth of the solar system?
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    I haven't read the reference but I'm going to the library right now.

    I've always wondered about the apparently two separate theories regarding the genesis of our sun and the planets... those being that the sun was formed when a shock wave from a nearby exploding star compressed the gaseous nebula that once was and that the planets somehow managed to coalesce from weak gravitational accretion of solid material. Why not start the sun from the accretion of solid materials and go through a similar birthing experience as that for the planets. Accretion of solids leading to accretion of gas, a solar 'iron catastropy' resulting in its ignition resulting in a sun with an iron core?
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