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Homework Help: Irreducible Capacitor Problem

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    So that is my problem

    I know that I have to use Kirchhoff's Laws to find the equivalent capacitance. I am just suck on how to set up those equations. I know how to do it with resistors, using V= IR. But I don't know where to use the current here, since capacitors are C = Q/V.

    Any help?
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    There might be more than one way to go about this problem. But I think one way that might work out nicely is to convert each capacitor to its impedance, Z. In other words, analyze the circuit in the s-domain or phasor domain (a.k.a. Fourier domain, a.k.a. domain). (The s-domain might be the simplest.)

    That way you can use Kirchhoff's Laws noting that V = IZ.
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