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Irrigation Question

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    I was watching a show on the "Rural Network" yesterday (yes, I live in the boonies) and they were talking about irrigation. The topics included types of irrigation, research, policies, etc.. Well, during the portion of the show about irrigation research, the guy mentioned that nearly all agricultural related businesses (large and small companies) put more than 65% of their budget towards irrigation research. I don't know much about the Earth and the land, but I do know plenty about farming since I grew up on a cattle farm.

    I guess I'd like to know why so many companies are putting so much effort into researching and developing new irrigation methods? Are they traying to "sacrifice" the Earth's surface? Is their something about the Earth's crust that is scaring the commercial farmers? Or is as simple as getting water from point A to point B quicker and easier than you can now?
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    65% of the RESEARCH budget, perhaps, but not of the total.

    Water has mass. Moving water involves lifting, lowering, accelerating, and decelerating that mass. That takes energy. Energy costs money.
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