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Homework Help: Irritating equality

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    1. How does [((n+1)+2)/2^(n+1)]= [((n+1)/(2^(n+1)) + (n+2)/(2^n))?

    2. For example: (a+b)/x = a/x +b/x


    Likewise, (n+1)+2/2^(n+1) = n+1/2^(n+1)) + 2/2^(n+1). How does the previous expression equal n+1/2^(n+1)) + 2/2^(n+1) when 2/2^(n+1) does not equal 2/(n+1)?
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    Is this what you are trying to say:

    [tex]\frac{n+1+2}{2^{n+1}} = \frac{n+1}{2^{n+1}} + \frac{2}{2^{n+1}}[/tex]?

    If so, it appears correct, and I don't see how the expression in your problem is true.
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    Gib Z

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    I'm not too sure what your question is either, but from what I can tell, its not true. Multiply everything by 2^(n+1), simplify, and you'll see the resulting equation is obviously false.
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