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Irritating thread jump

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    On my browser--Explorer 6--there is an irritating feature when I click on a thread. It jumps lower than I want to go, even when I've never looked at the thread before. In fact, it does this twice; once when first opening the page, then once again when the various smileys, LaTex, etc. are done loading. I have to scroll up originally, and then hold down the scroll bar to prevent being interrupted in the middle of a sentence :grumpy: Does anyone else notice this problem?
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    It does it only while the page is loading. Once the page is fully loaded, it will no longer move.
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    And, for once, it's not just an Explorer issue. I get the same thing in Safari. Though, there seems no rhyme or reason why I'm sometimes taken directly to the last post in a thread and sometimes to the top of the last page of the thread (when I click on the last page of a thread I've been following). I have my browser set to accept cookies, but I think it sometimes vomits them up anyway, and suspect that has something to do with it (sometimes I'll go away and come back and all the posts I've already viewed reappear in bold as if I hadn't viewed them even when there are no new replies...seems that would only happen if the computer wasn't keeping its cookies down).
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    i have the same problem

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    I do not have this problem, but I might, depending on what button you are clicking. When I click on a thread, the whole thread name, then my browser(firefox) will start at the top of the thread regardless of whether I have looked at it or not. However, when I click on that little symbol next to a thread my browser will go to the newest post in that thread. This is what is supposed to happen right?
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    Yep, sounds like your browser is doing what it's supposed to do. I'm talking about when there are multiple pages, and I just click on the number for the last page. I think it's supposed to take me to the top of the last page, not the last post, but either way, it's not consistent where I wind up.

    (BTW, do other people talk about computers the way I do? My computer at work hacked up a furball when it decided to revert to default settings for no apparent reason, and my computer at home vomits up cookies. I give them quite a personality, don't I? :rofl:)
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    Ohh, then my browser does that too, the page thing. However, I have it set up so that there is about 30 or 40 posts per page so I rarely notice it.
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