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News IRS: Cockypoo is deductible

  1. Sep 5, 2004 #1
    IRS:"Cockypoo is deductible"

    WhileScanning the foxnews.com web page this lead in to the “Money Matters”
    caught my eye.

    “(Nest) Egg on My Face!
    Money Matters: Even Gail gets tripped up by the tax code”

    In essence Gail (tax expert) fesses up to a mistake. We, in the USA, apparently need tax experts. I Googoled for “IRS cost" and found these gems (text from search findings). I’ve only listed the first several of the 1,300,000 hits.

    ... you have completed and signed the SS-4 you can then apply to the IRS for your ... The
    cost for this service as an add-on to the Basic Formation Service or as a ...

    US IRS: Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery May Be Tax Deductible”. By Jennifer
    Corbett Dooren

    ... Rodrigo Z: What does IRS e-file cost? Is there a fee? Pat-IRS And
    Jim-IRS: The IRS does not charge a fee for electronic filing. ...

    ... IRS accepts AED inventory replacement cost petition into IIR program

    ... Recruiting and moving Delena Bratton from California to her new job with the
    IRS in Washington, DC cost about $200,000 in tax dollars. ...

    ... After this battle with the IRS cost me my marriage, my daughter, two businesses
    and bankrupted me,

    ... An IRS law could cost you money if you settle a debt with a creditor for
    less than the full amount. Likewise, this rule could shrink ...

    IRS Form 1098-T Explanation. The University of Nebraska must furnish an
    IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statement (1098-T), as required by ...

    ... "Anticipating" Your IRS Refund Can Cost You Plenty. ...

    ... subscription deals IRS says FSAs can pay for OTCs - flexible spending accounts can
    pay for over-the-counter drugs Drug Cost Management Report, Sept 12, 2003. ...

    Archive: IRS Issues New Rates to Calculate the Cost of Group-term Life

    Small Business Notes. - IRS Publication 463, Gifts. ... If you give gifts in the course
    of your trade or business, you can deduct all or part of the cost. ...

    ... In addition to the cost of in vitro fertilization, the IRS said the cost of finding
    an egg donor and related fees are also deductible, Nissenbaum says. ...

    "The Gods Must be Crazy”
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    Cockatoos are NOT deductable unless you use then on guard duty at your business.
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