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Is 1466996987 a prime?

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    Try dividing it by every prime below fifty. You'll find out whether you're right or wrong...
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    thank u
    its divisible by 29,43
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    And one other, but if you want to find that one, just divide your original number by (29*43).
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    how can i know divide it by primes below 50 or other
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    Go to the website Wolfram Alpha and type "FactorInteger 1466996987" into the input box. Then you know.
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    I didn't even type FactorInteger...

    If you type in 1466996987 into the input box, it will give you all kinds of properties about the number... including prime factorization.
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    Yeah. I should have known. There was method to my madness. I used Mathematica Information to find the operator used to factor primes, then figured Worlframe Alpha would recognize it too.
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    I just tried factor 1466996987 from command line. But even factor(1466996987) on TI-89 gives answer almost immediately.
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