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Is 60 too old to be a pilot?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't think it is as long as you have a clean record and your eye sight is still crystal. Although maybe some kind of test should be given more often to make sure the reflexes are up to par? Im not sure if thats even possible.
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    All Airline pilots have a twice yearly very extensive medical examination.

    Is the pilot who just turned 60 less capable than he was at 59 years and 364 days.?:rolleyes:

    The age 60 mandatory retirement has been contoversial ever since the FAA adopted it. A 60 year old pilot earns a lot more money than a 30 year old pilot.

    http://wwwc.house.gov/gibbons/display-pr.asp?id=1280 [Broken]
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    I agree that it should be based on maybe a test administered every 2 years or something rather than purely age.
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    I agree that age should not be the sole factor in retirement. However, I do not think that the rule was a major money saver for the airlines at the time when when it came out for a couple of reasons:

    1. Although the new pilots from the military are well trained, all new pilots have to get qualified on their newly assigned aircraft. The cost of this qualification training can significantly offset the savings of keeping an older pilot who is already current and qualified.

    2. This rule came out at a time when just about all of the airlines paid pensions to the retired pilots. Retiring a pilot earlier would have meant an earlier start to paying him without receiving any productivity in return.
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