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Is a Master on Physics useful ?

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    i have been offered to Course a Master on Physics , it would last one year (2008-2009) and would consist on 8 subjects and an Academic work about a certain subject.

    my question is does really worth ? i mean if having a Master on Math or Physics can help improving your chances to get a grant or find a better Job.
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    It really depends on the kind of job you're looking for or the career path you're considering.

    If you want to go into academia, and you're considering a master's program as compared to a Ph.D. program, the advantage of the master's degree is that is allows you to get your feet wet in graduate level physics without the long term committment of a full Ph.D.

    If you want to go out into industry, the master's degree will make you more educated and give you a higher and more specialized skill set than a person with an undergraduate degree. The specific skill set will depend on what you study in your program and this will naturally affect your personal marketability.
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