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Is a PRNG possible?

  1. Jul 8, 2012 #1
    randomness is a hard thing, getting a computer to generate it in a way that allows data to be reused in a secure fashion is even harder. here's my own vain attempt at the bugger. the code is in python.
    Code (Text):

    v = [0]*3
    v[0] = 0x96696996
    v[1] = seed
    v[2] = 0xa5a5bdbd
    def rot(x,k):
       return ((x<<k)|(x>>(32-k))&4294967295
    def rng():
       v[0],v[1],v[2] = rot(v[2],8), v[0]^(~v[1]&v[2]), rot(v[1],17)
       return v[1]
    i've run several randomness tests on it from the diehard sweet, as far as i can tell it is indeed "random" data. currently the cycle length isn't very long however, i suspect the average to be about 2^31, no where near enough for cryptographic purposes. though, it wouldn't be hard to extend it to a much longer cycle length, if that is your desire.
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