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Is a resonator linewidth affected by its nonlinearity ?

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    Hello everybody,

    I am new on this website and I hoppe I choosed the right section.

    If I am correct, the linewidth of a resonator 2Δf must be defined by the product of its damping rate γ and its resonance frequency f :
    2Δf = 2.γ.f

    In my case, I want to consider a strongly nonlinear oscillator, the frequency varies a lot with the oscillation amplitude. I already know that this nonlinearity will increase a lot the linewidth of the power spectra.

    I wonder if such large the nonlinearity can also affect the linewidth of the oscillator when it is not excited (it becomes a resonator), and then be higher than 2.γ.f.

    If you have seen this problem in any type of system I would be very happy :)

    Thank you very much in advance !
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