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Is a thread best read backwards?

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    Sometimes i find myself reading threads backwards (from the last post to the first). I do it mainly when i cant be bothered to read the first replies and want to skip to the real action.

    Amazingly when i do this, i understand peoples points better and quicker than i would do otherwise!

    Is a thread best read backwards?
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    The only reason I'm writing this is to move the number of posts above 1 so that it can be read backwards.
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    So was the movie "Memento" your favorite?
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    !nalp ruoy deliof evah I
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    Haha read backwards... literally - funny :rolleyes:
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    I can't be bothered reading the first posts so i dont care what this threads about
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    Actually, that can be true. In forums, it is not unusual to come across comments which seem to make no sense, such as mine :)
    As the thread developes, often there is clarification on prior comments. Reading backwards, the original "non-sense" comment can become strikingly transformed into "sense"; an attribute not available by reading "forwards" one time.

    Another curious aspect of reading forums "backwards" is that your mind challenges itself! That is, a last post comment to a previous post may not include actual reference to that previous post, so you mind say's "what's going-on here!" That can be quite stimulating.
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    I always read the thread killer's thread backwards. You can't read it forwards like Danger does. :tongue:
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