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Is America out of good rock bands?

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    I think it is safe to say that all musical talent in the united states has been exausted. I just watched Conan and the musical "talent" for the show was a band called "Be your own pet". This was not music. This could not be construed to be music either. No human being on this planet with ears could have liked it. I shall describe it to you in its entirety:

    1 bad drummer with shaving cream on
    2 pathetic typical/stereotypical guitarists
    1 ugly lead singer, who can't at all sing, jumping up and down without actually saying any english words

    Life was great until i watched this. I'm going to jump off a cliff now.
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    the fact is there aren't many good new rock bands out because most of them like you said, aren't good at their respective instruments. Image has become HUGE in the rock industry, and has caused a real lack of skill/creativity for the band members. Look at how many 1 hit wonders there are in the rock industry nowadays. Partly to blame is the recording industry, one of the most despicable corperate sectors in existance. They are so turned off by rock music now that bands have to bend ass-backwards to recive an absolutley crap contract, and that is if they are EXTREMELY lucky.

    There are however a few that are decent. The Darkness are a fantastic rock band, I would suggest looking into them, probibaly the best rock band in decades. Also if you are interested in metal, and even if you aren't I would look into Dragonforce. And both of them are not from America, so your thesis might be right :/
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    Well that doesn't make sense. If record companies don't give out as many contracts to rock groups, wouldn't that mean you'd only be finding good bands with contracts and not these... things that get on Conan and that other loser who comes after him?
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    There are plenty of good rock bands out there (including American rock bands), but they are more 'underground' than they are supposed to be. Like Wishbone said, they find it hard to get good deals, and when they get the deals they want the record company tends not to market them as well as they should.

    Fozzy is a good rock band (chris jericho isn't a groundbreaking vocalist but he's pretty good and he can at least hit a note).

    Sick Speed was a really good rock band, but unfortuantely it isn't around anymore...instead you have Fozzy and Rich Ward's solo project now.

    Tantric is definitely a band that can play their instruments and the singer isn't too bad either.

    Pearl Jam...I know their last few albums haven't been wonderful, but they've always been good and the last album was damn good.

    Dredg can be classed as borderline rock and they are incredibly good.

    Some more American bands are:

    Queens of the Stone Age (more stoner rock)
    Rollins Band
    Doubledrive (now broken up and some members are in Dark New Day)

    So to answer your question, America isn't out of good rock bands. It just so happens that 90% of the ones made 'popular' are pathetically talentless kids who don't even write most of their own music. But Conan does choose some absolute shockers to perform on his show.
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    Chi Meson

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    Mission of Burma has regrouped

    and all is well.
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    Not sure what constitutes American rock, but I like these from America - White Stripes, Beck, Mark Ronson, Antony and the Johnstons, Pink Martini and The Killers.
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    American rock bands, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    thanks Wolram:smile:
    Now my attempt to innocently broaden the scope of the OP to include a drag queen caberet act and a latin american style 12 piece orchestra has been foiled!
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    did u ever have any decent ones?

    Good electronic music used to come from the states, (Detriot mainly) but we pinched it and now its fully european..
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    Aw, go on Fi give us all a good laugh :biggrin:
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    I thought for something to run out, you had to start with some first!:wink:

    The only good band to come out of america is REM.
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    Ohh yeh I forgot there was the rolling stones..

    Ohh wait, they are from England... hahaha
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    I've already sneaked them in.:biggrin:
    Antony and the Johnstons is a transvestite band, s/he has a fascinating voice, but the lyrics are dark and odd, and Pink Martini is the orchestra from Oregon.
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    Some names that comes to mind for US bands that were at least pretty decent: The Doors, The Ramones, Velvet Underground, Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, CCR, Eagles, Dead, E Street Band, and more recently, Metallica, REM, Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam.
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    Are you sure it was shaving cream?
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    Tool, A Perfect Circle, Dream Theater.
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    I agree with you pengwuino, I think 99% of music made in the past 10 years (or so) is crap! That is why I generally listen to 80's and early 90's hip-hop and sometimes classic rock.
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    no it makes perfect sense because that is assuming that the industry promotes the rock industry, and that rock bands and not the relativley uncreative derivations of rock and roll like emo and poprock, etc. Its not like all bands audition in front of label and they say ok "these 3 bands make it". Labels aren't looking as hard as they were for decent rock bands like they used to. They're money is more based on hip-hop, rap, etc. Whether that is a good or bad thing is decided on taste.
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  20. Jun 15, 2006 #19

    exactly my point, how many Aerosmith bands are being spawned right now. How many rock bands that are just being created do we see being around 30 years into the future.
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    Just because pop music is largely bad, it doesn't mean America's out of good rock bands.

    This summer I'm gonna be seeing/have seen great American bands such as:

    Queens of the Stone Age
    Eagles of Death Metal
    Les Claypool
    Gov't Mule
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Shins
    The Flaming Lips
    Umphrey's McGee

    And there's ALWAYS good local music out there. Stop complaining and start looking around for good music. You'll find it, just not on MTV or the radio.
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