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Is anyone linked to the seti program?

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    is anyone linked to the seti program? what is the minimum computer
    requirments? is computer safe when in use by seti?
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    Re: seti

    Yes, there are currently 4,533,948 seti@home users including several on this forum.
    For Windows systems (95/98/NT) you'll need a computer with at least 32 MB of RAM, the ability to display 8-bit graphics in 800x600 resolution, 10 MB of disk space, and an Internet connection (dialup is OK). For Macintosh systems you'll need the above, as well as a PowerPC processor and Mac OS 7.5.5 or later. You can use SETI@home on a laptop that is connected sporadically. We also support many versions of UNIX, including Linux on various CPUs. We hope to eventually support other systems such as OS/2 and BeOS. We won't support WebTV. There are no CPU speed or modem speed requirements. It doesn't matter where in the world you live.
    Yes. Of course if you have an always-on internet connection, you should take the proper precautions, but the seti@home software doesn't connect unless it needs to send/receive data and you can set it to ask you to connect when it needs to, or automatically.

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    thanks j man,
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    I run it. A little more on this:
    Programs in windows can be set to a process priority level. Seti's priority is automatically set very low, so generally, you won't even notice its running. If another program needs the processor, Seti gets bumped.
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